OptiNose’s innovative approach enables broad, consistent drug delivery deep in the nasal cavity, leveraging the mucosal surfaces as a potent target for the treatment of both local and systemic diseases. Known as Bi-Directional™ Breath Powered® technology, the OptiNose platform offers a much-needed alternative to traditional nasal inhalers, as well as to tablets and injections.

How the OptiNose Device Works

Novel Devices with Vast Commercial and Clinical Potential

The patient-friendly OptiNose device transcends the limitations of traditional nasal sprays, which have been limited primarily to treating the common cold and nasal allergies. The OptiNose platform is also a highly versatile alternative to oral and injected delivery of medicines and vaccines. Suitable for powder and liquid formulations, it can:

  • Produce reliable dosing
  • Improve patient compliance and delivery success
  • Allow patients to self-medicate
  • Reduce risks of needle-stick injuries
  • Minimize local irritation