In September 2019, Optinose announced a License Agreement with Currax Pharmaceuticals which grants Currax the exclusive rights to certain Optinose intellectual property for the purpose of marketing ONZETRA® XSAIL® (sumatriptan nasal powder) in the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

Centessa Pharmaceuticals

In January 2019, we entered into a licensing agreement with Inexia Limited (the Centessa License Agreement). In February 2021, Inexia merged into Orexia Therapeutics, which became a wholly-owned subsidiary of Centessa Pharmaceuticals (Centessa). Under the terms of the Centessa License Agreement, we granted Centessa an exclusive worldwide license to our EDS and other intellectual property for the use, sale, import and manufacture of products containing orexin receptor agonist and/or orexin receptor positive modulator molecule(s) as the sole active pharmaceutical ingredient(s) for the treatment, diagnosis or prevention of human diseases or conditions associated primarily with orexin receptor agonism and orexin receptor positive modulation.

The license excludes the treatment of any disease or condition affecting the ear, nose or throat, or the treatment of any disease or condition associated primarily with another receptor, other than the Orexin 1 and Orexin 2 receptors. Inexia is solely responsible for all costs and activities related to its identification, development, and commercialization of products under the Centessa License Agreement.

As a result of the Centessa License Agreement, we have discontinued our preclinical OPN-021 program, which combined our EDS with orexin agonist molecules for the treatment of narcolepsy and symptoms of other diseases potentially amenable to the same pharmacologic activity, such as Parkinson’s disease.

Other Partnerships and Technology Licenses

Although focused on development of its own proprietary new treatments, Optinose has allowed use of its technology by a small number of academic researchers and entered into technology licensing arrangements with carefully selected companies developing their own products that may benefit greatly from this unique type of drug delivery. If your research may benefit from the use of the unique Optinose delivery technology, please call or contact us using the link below.

Please contact us at if your company is interested in exploring partnership opportunities for an innovative, non-oral or non-injected delivery platform for your proprietary CNS, systemic or topical nasal compounds.