OptiNose’s late-stage candidates include OPN-375, in development for the treatment of Chronic Nasal Inflammatory Diseases (e.g., Chronic Sinusitis with or without Nasal Polyps, Recurrent Sinusitis) and AVP-825 (ONZETRA™ Xsail™, licensed in North America to Avanir Pharmaceuticals, since acquired by Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.; now approved) to treat migraine. Our early-stage candidate, OPN-300, in development for the treatment of Autism Spectrum Disorder, is focused on achieving nose-to-brain delivery of a well-known peptide. We have also identified more than ten valuable earlier-stage pipeline candidates, in a range of diseases, which we believe hold outstanding potential to solve currently intractable treatment challenges with our Bi-Directional, Breath Powered technology platform.