A Simple Solution to a Complex Problem

The complex geometry of the nasal cavity can make it challenging to efficiently and reliably deliver drugs to the mucosal surfaces. Traditional nasal sprays lose much of their drug dose to the throat and stomach, where its effects are delayed or even undermined by the digestive process.

OptiNose has developed a new way to administer drugs deep in the nasal cavity, enabling the treatment of both local and systemic diseases. This innovative technology, known as breath-powered nasal delivery, offers a much-needed alternative to existing, slower-acting nasal inhalers, as well as to tablets and injections.

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Liquid – How it Works

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Powder – How it Works

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“By combining particular anatomical and aerodynamic features of the nose, I discovered a unique opportunity to improve nasal drug and vaccine delivery.”

– Per Djupesland, MD, PhD, Chief Scientific Officer

Novel Devices with Endless Potential

Intranasal delivery has traditionally been limited to treating the common cold and nasal allergies. OptiNose’s novel technology is a highly versatile, patient-friendly alternative to oral delivery and injection and is suitable forpowder and liquid formulations. It has the potential to:

  • Produce reliable dosing
  • Improve patient compliance
  • Allow patients to self-medicate
  • Reduce health workers’ risks of needle-stick injuries
  • Lessen the possibility of user failure
  • Minimize local irritation

Per Djupesland, MD, PhD, Founder & CSO

A Message From Per Djupesland, MD, PhD, Founder & CSO

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Partnership Opportunities

The OptiNose technology has unique capabilities that may be ideally suited to solving your specific delivery challenges.