Breathe Out

By Ramy Mahmoud at Optinose

Despite affecting millions of people worldwide, treatments for serious nasal conditions have been limited by their inability to target the required site of action. Could new exhalation technologies hold the answer?

Within the broad category of respiratory technology, innovation focused on the nose, rather than the lungs, has been relatively overlooked. For many years, patients have suffered from a lack of advancement in this space, forced to rely mostly on the existing nasal spray devices that provide unsophisticated treatment delivery that works for simpler and milder applications like seasonal allergies. This often falls short for more serious nasal conditions like chronic sinus disease, or more complex situations, including efforts to deliver drugs to the brain. Though certainly not the only application, one of the most obvious values of improving nasal delivery is to enable better treatment of diseases that reside deep in the nose.

This article is taken from Innovations in Pharmaceutical Technology, December 2015 issue, pages 18-21. © Samedan Ltd