Nothing to Sneeze At

Pharmaceutical Formulation & Quality Magazine | OptiNose
Compiled by Cindy H. Dubin

Often overlooked and long neglected, the nose has become one of the most viable drug delivery pathways for treating everything from the flu to erectile dysfunction. The portal to our blood system is how nasal drug delivery experts view the nose. With the continuous development of more potent and complex molecules and the imminent expiration of many patents for major brands, novel delivery systems offer opportunities for developmental and marketed compounds alike. Nasal delivery is ideal for potent drugs that are to be delivered in small doses, as low as tens of milligrams. Copyrighted material, reprinted with permission from Pharmaceutical Formulation & Quality Magazine, June/July 2002 issue. For more information, visit Reprint of full format article in pdf-format. Compiled by CINDY H.DUBIN.