Our Purpose

The Optinose team is unified by a common shared mission: to improve lives. We will accomplish this while creating value for investors and the healthcare system along with better outcomes for patients and providers. As innovators in every aspect of our work, we will pursue faster and less costly product development, explore evolving commercial business models, and actively seek innovative ways to be more effective and efficient. We are committed to working together as a team that chooses to live every day by core company values that guide our daily behaviors, creating a foundation for future success.

Beginning with migraine and chronic nasal inflammatory diseases such as nasal polyps, we plan to reshape the landscape for multiple underserved conditions by leveraging the nose for drug delivery. Optinose developed a way to deliver the right drugs to the right places, more reliably and consistently, allowing us to use known molecules in new ways that address the limitations of other available therapies.

Our mission is to improve quality of life for patients by providing better alternatives to existing treatments, including prescription medications, vaccines, biologics, and over-the-counter medications. The approval by the FDA of ONZETRA® Xsail® (sumatriptan nasal powder), which was licensed to Avanir Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (an affiliate of Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.) for the acute treatment of migraines, demonstrates our ability to effectively realize our vision.

As further proof of our ability to innovate, in September 2017 we received FDA approval for XHANCE® (fluticasone propionate). In 2018, we initiated the first of two planned clinical trials to seek a follow-on indication.

From the husband-and-wife team who founded Optinose in 2000 to today’s cadre of experienced senior leaders, we do things differently. Hailing from industry-leading companies, our leadership team is applying its extensive skills and experience to get things done the right way. Guided by ideals such as friendship, openness, possibility thinking, fearless conversations, authenticity, and perseverance, we continue to seek partners and future colleagues who share these views.

We have a near-term plan, a long-term vision, and a strong team to guide us. Keep an eye on us as we move forward to meet the needs of today’s — and tomorrow’s — healthcare challenges.

We Are a Company Built on Values